Bommers Done!

I’m happy to report that all the Ork Bommers comprising Skyboss Wingnutz Air Armada are officially finished being painted. Felt like a marathon but I honestly did have a blast painting these models. Ork flyers are by far one of my favorite models to build/paint and I’m a little sad that this project has come to an end. The good news is that I get to start another painting project, which is a positive and if the trend of the Dread Mob and Air Armada continues, I will have just as much fun and enjoyment out of the next project.

Speaking of the next project, I’m thinking either Flash Gitz or Meganobz, not 100% sure yet. I’ve spent alot of time painting vehicles lately, would be nice to get back to finishing up some infantry. I still have 200+ Boyz to paint but I find them very lack-luster to paint. I’m also thinking of a painting reward system in order to get the Boyz painted… finish a squad of 10 Boyz and 1 Nob in order to be allowed to paint a unit of my choosing. Sounds interesting, right?

Here are some final photos of the completed under wing ordinance as well as the entire formation’s family photo.

Progress on the Bommers

After my first outing with Skyboss Wingnutz’ Air Armada formation, I’m determined to finish painting the Bommers to increase their usability… because everyone knows that painted models do better on the table. I finished up the Dakka Jets completely and only have the under-wing ordinance left for the Burna Bomber and the Blitza Bommer which should be a quick job. Once complete, I’ll do another family portrait of all the flyers which I am far more excited for than I should be. Here’s a gallery of the progress on two of the now-finished Dakka Jets and the Blitza Bommer.

Skyboss Wingnutz’ Air Armada

Way back when I was a little Git, I use to spend hours building and painting model air planes. My father was in aerospace so he encouraged the hobby. When I found girls, the hobby pretty much fell off the map. When I got into 40K, the Ork Bommers called to me early on. Not because of their ‘amazing’ stats (as they are pretty much flying Trukks with no transport capacity) but because their model looked like an F-86 Sabre and an F-9 Panther had a kid but beat it with an ugly stick! In my head I could almost see the thick black exhaust spewing from the sputtering jet engine, just enough thrust to keep the Bommer aloft but not enough to be a blur as it cruised by, all the while the pilot flipping me the bird screaming an unintelligible slew of obscenities. I initially acquired just a Burna-Bommer and used the extra bits to make a Dakka-Jet out of the spare bits and a F-9F 1/48 scale model. They performed… well, poorly, but I really loved the models regardless.

1/48 F-9F to Dakka Jet Conversion

When the new Orks hit last summer, I read the “Skyboss Wingnutz’ Air Armada” formation out of the “Sanctus Reach: Hour of the Wolf” book and nearly hit the roof with excitement. The formations calls for 5 Bommers in total, which meant more models and more painting but that was at the back of my mind. A few of the perks of running the formation is a special rule called “Airborne Horde” which basically states that when any of the formation flies off the board, all one-time use weapons and hull points are restored. I’m mean, c’mon, that’s pretty awesome. Through some crafty trades and ebay sales, I ended up getting the remaining 3 Bommers I needed to make the formation a reality. I built them relatively quick but painting took forever to get started, though, I got 90% finished within a week’s time. I still have the crew and some weapons for the Blitza-Bommer and Burna-Bommer to complete, but they were worthy of being fielded, I felt.

A couple of guys from my local gaming group wanted to get a big game going, 8000pts in total spread across 4 players, 2000 points each. I decided to take a break from the Dread Mob and give this new formation a shot. As with all of our large point games, we didn’t make it past round 2 but the Air Armada did make it on the board. Not enough time to really be effective or utilize the “Airborne Horde” special rule, but at least the looked mean. My partner for the day, Zack (Imperal Fists), took a few pics (below) to at least prove that they made it onto the table. I still want to try this formation out on a reasonable sized game to see it in full action.

The main problem I’m having is that there are so many fun / powerful Ork formations to play, I’m having trouble picking which ones to use BUT I am sticking to my own rule… I can’t field the unit as a formation until I have all models in said formation painted. This is slowing my roll but is keeping me honest about painting my Orks. Once I finish the Bommers, I’m considering Bullyboyz or the Green Tide. I have the models, I just need to squeeze in the brush time.


Dread Mob VS Tyranids

This is my first battle report in.. well, forever so please forgive the terrible sloppiness. My opponent, Josh, is a member of my local gaming group and is ranked high on the leader board in the 40K campaign he is currently playing. I’m rusty as hell and asked Josh to get me back into the game, teach me how to do stuffs. Josh, being the awesome guy that he is, did just that!

The Details

Date: 4/1/2015
Location: WNY Gaming, Hamburg NY
Points: 1500
Opponent: Josh R / Tyranids
Mission: Eternal War: The Scouring
Deployment: Dawn of War
Objectives: 6

The Lists


  • This list was directly referenced from BIGBOSSREDSKULLZ, the master of the Dread Mob!
  • Formation: Dread Mob
  • Big Mek w/Mega Force Field, Slugga, Choppa, 2 x Grot Oilers
    • Warlord Trait: Dead ‘Ard – Warlord has ‘Feel No Pain’
  • Painboy w/2 x Grot Orderlies
  • 3 x Killa Kans w/Big Shootas
  • 3 x Killa Kans w/Rokkits
  • 3 x Killa Kans w/Grotzookas
  • Deff Dread w/4 x Power Klaws
  • Deff Dread w/4 x Power Klaws
  • Deff Dread w/2 x Power Klaws, 2 Skorchas
  • Morkanaut w/KFF, Grot Riggers
  • Gorkanaut w/Grot Riggers


  • Formation: CAD
  • Hive Tyrant w/Regeneration, Twin-linked Devourer with Brainleech Worms, Twin-linked Devourer with Brainleech Worms, Wings
    • Warlord Trait: Master of Manoeuvre – Warlord has ‘Outflank’
  • Hive Tyrant w/Twin-linked Devourer with Brainleech Worms, Twin-linked Devourer with Brainleech Worms, Wings
  • 2 x 30 Termigaunts w/Fleshborers
  • 1 x 30 Hormagaunts
  • 2 x Biovores
  • 1 x Malanthrope
  • 1 X Zoanthrope
  • Carnifex Brood
    • 2 x Twin-linked Devourer with Brainleech Worms, Twin-linked Devourer with Brainleech Worms
  • 1 x Sporocyst w/5x Barbed strangler


When I picked Josh up and he saw the Gorkanaut & Morkanaut, an “Oh no” was muttered. He was under the impression that I was bringing a horde of Orks (as I normally do) and geared his list accordingly. It was at this point I felt I might have a fighting chance.


Josh won the roll-off so he chose to have me deploy first. I had my Burny Dread and one Choppy Dread on the left flank, along with the Morkanaut and Rokkit Kans more towards the right-middle. On the far right flank were the Grotzooka Kans with the Big Shoota Kans and Gorkanaut bringing up the right-middle. The Big Mek and Painboy rode with the Gorkanaut to give him the 4++ of the Mega Force Field. Josh failed to seize the initiative so I went first.

IMG_2275.JPG IMG_2277.JPG IMG_2276.JPG IMG_2279.JPG IMG_2278.JPG IMG_2280.JPG IMG_2281.JPG

Turn 1

Orks: Everyone shuffled forward, shot and did virtually nothing. I killed a single gaunt.. thanks, night fighting. I moved onto a few objectives, but nothing really fun or noteworthy.
Tyranids: His gaunts on the right flank moved up towards the objective to contest. The gaunts really couldn’t hurt anything I had on the table so they became massive tar pits. The Sporocyst dropped a big spore mine in front of the Rokkit Kans but they took it out in over watch.

IMG_2282.JPG IMG_2283.JPGIMG_2284.JPG IMG_2285.JPG

Turn 2

Orks: Again, slow as molasses, we all shuffled except the Big Shoota Kans who stayed put on the rear objective. The Grotzooka Kans took out 4 gaunts and the Rokkit kans shaved off a wound of one of the Carnifex’s but that was about it. Both the ‘nauts whiffed terribly as did the Big Shoota Kans. The Choppy Dread on the left flank made it into one of the gaunt tar pits as did the other Choppy Dread on the right. Man, those D3 hammer of wrath attacks really wreak face! Still, chewing through 30+ gaunts takes a little while.
Tyranids: Both of his Flyrants came in and peppered my Kans with shots. The Grotzooka Kans made every one of their cover saves, which is ridiculous! The KFF from the Morkanaut saved the Rokkit Kans collective butts as well.

IMG_2287.JPG IMG_2289.JPG IMG_2286.JPG

Turn 3

Orks: The Gorkanaut’s Deffstorm Mega-Shoota took 3 wounds off his warlord Flyrant but he made his grounding check… ugh. The Morkanaut took a few wounds off one of the Carnifex’s but that was about it. The Rokkit Kans charged the Sporocyst and smashed him with their Hammer of Wrath attacks. The two tar pits took my two Choppy Dreads out of the game, but the dreads just kept on hitting & splatting. The Burny Dread moved towards the center “mountain” to support the Morkanaut.
Tyranids: The warlord Flyrant unleashed an unholy amount of shooting at my Rokkit Kans and took them out. The other Flyrant swooped up to behind the Gorkanaut but his 4++ Mega Force Field saved his bacon, only took two wounds. Both Carnifex’s moved up, one toward the Morkanaut, the other towards my Big Shoota Kans. I don’t recall exactly how the first Carnifex died, I think either overwatch to the Morkanaut or to the Morkanaut’s Klaw of Mork itself, but it died. The tar pits did their thing with the Choppy Dreads but this time the Grotzooka Kans got in on the fun on the right flank. This proved critical to whittling down that blob.


Turn 4

Orks: The Burny Dread made it close enough to the center objective to flame the Malanthrope and his Biovores. In CC, the Malanthrope fell but the Dread backed off to secure the objective. The Morkanaut finished off the final Carnifex and the Gorkanaut took aim at the warlord Flyrant but whiffed. I was rolling 1’s like a boss! I couldn’t hit a thing to save my life. Both tar pits made progress but it was clear that the left flank wasn’t going to be resolved by game end and the right might finish.
Tyranids: One Flyrant took the last two hull points from the Morkanaut and wrecked him. This was a moral victory for Josh and the joy/smile on his face was worth losing my beloved ‘naut. The warlord Flyrant shave a hull point off the Gorkanaut but I was making those Mega Force Field saves like a boss. Tar pits.. tar pitted. The right flank almost completed their objective but there was one gaunt hiding within the Kans so I was locked in combat still. Very funny and sad moment.


Turn 5

Orks: The Gorkanaut tried to shoot everything at the warlord Flyrant but nothing hit. Epic fail. Big Shoota Kans did the same. The tar pit on the right flank finally collapsed!
Tyranids: Flyrant on the left shot at the Big Shoota Kans but they made their cover saves. The warlord Flyrant got behind the Grotzooka Kans and wiped them out.


Final Results

Orks: 5 – Objectives: 3, Line Breaker, First Blood
Tyranids: 4 – Objectives: 4


What a bloody battle! Not much that Josh brought could damage the AV I brought, which was fortunate for me. Being locked in combat, the Choppy Dreads didn’t bring much to this game but seeing their strength in action was impressive. Josh’s dice were pretty hot most of the day while mine, we both agreed were crap. I asked a bunch of questions which Josh patiently answered and explained. He’s one of those opponents you love facing because he keeps the game light and enjoyable. This was a very fun game and not a bad for the first outing of my Dread Mob.

Killa Kan Progress

Out of the 12 Killa Kans I have, 9 are completely painted. While that’s not 100% complete, it is enough to activate THE DREAD MOB! This has been one of my goals for a while now and I’m just a few weeks passed my “end of February 2015” target date but I could care less. This is my first completely painted formation and I even have a game scheduled for the 1st of April against my buddy Josh’s Tyranids. I haven’t let on that I’ll be using this formation but not because I’m trying to be sneaky, but more that I swore that even though the models are built, I would not play with them until they are painted and wasn’t too sure at the time if they’d be done by the 1st.

Since I magnetized the Shooty arms, I can swap between Grotzookas, Rokkits, Big Shootas, Kustom Mega Blastas and Skorchas. These arms are 100% interchangeable with my Deff Dreads too so I can spread the shooty love where needed. I still need to paint the Skorchas and KMBs but I’m in no rush.

Here’s a few pics of the Kans, painted in the same style as the Deff Dreads. Let me know what you think.

IMG_2259.JPG   IMG_2256.JPG IMG_2258.JPG IMG_2257.JPG

Walker Family Portrait

So I’ve been a busy bee lately. I finished the other two Deff Dreads and thought I’d put up a quick picture of my WAAAGH’s family of painted walkers so far. In the pic:

  • Stompa
  • Morkanaut
  • Gorkanaut
  • 3 x Deff Dreads


I’m going to start my Killa Kans next, I have 12 in total and with the holidays upon us, I don’t anticipate a quick painting turn around on this one. Then again, it’s snowing like crazy here in Buffalo, what better motivation to paint, eh?

First Deff Dread Done

With both of the ‘nauts finished, it’s time to get to work on the lesser walkers, namely the Deff Dreads and Killa Kans. I thought about taking the same approach with the Deff Dreads that I did with the nauts, paint the base color yellow and move onto the details but I started thinking of how an Ork would actually paint their war machines:

I buy a fresh new Deff Dread/Trukk/Killa Kan from a Mek and it’s not going to be slathered in paint already. It’s going to be a rusty hulk, probably based in a loose black with steel showing through, leaving me, the Warboss to decorate it in my Klan’s colors.

Taking this approach, I really like how it came out. My wife made a very keen observation: “These are space soccer hooligans that jump into battle at the first chance, right? If you have a new toy that you’re eager to use, you rush the paint job and play with it.” I love this woman.

I based the model in Chaos Black. Then dry brushed Leadbelcher to highlight the details and bring them up to the surface. Then I dry brushed with Yrial Yellow in several layers, 3+ in most cases. Followed by Red the the rest of the detail. As for the secondary arms, I chose to magnetize them so I can easily swap out the additional Power Klaws for Skorchas/Rokkits/KMBs/Big Shootas when needed.

Overall, I’m very happy with the outcome and think this will be the theme of all my vehicles/walkers going forward. Here’s a few pics of the finished results.

IMG_1780.JPG IMG_1783.JPG IMG_1782.JPG IMG_1781.JPGIMG_1779.JPG

Second ‘Naut Painted

The second Gorkanaut / Morkanaut painting is complete. I used the same method of basing him in black primer then dry brushing 4+ layers of yellow. After the yellow, came the reds, bronze and metallic colors. A couple of washes later and we have the completed ‘naut. I’m very happy with the results and think I’ll proceed with painting the Deff Dreads next, followed by the Killakans.

IMG_1764.JPG IMG_1765.JPG IMG_1766.JPG

Second ‘Naut Ready for Paint

I’ve been making steady progress in acquiring the models for the Dread Mob. Selling old pro-audio gear, airsoft stuff and random other unneeded things I have lying about. Up next is the second Orkanaut. I’m choosing to collect/build/paint from the top down, so for the mob, it will be ‘Nauts, Deff Dreads then Kans. I already finished the 1 Orkanaut so it’s time to move on to his brother.

I still chose to magnetize him so I can flop between which variation I can possibly field, but chose a different route for his shooty-arm. For the previous ‘Naut, I got bits off eBay and made the entire arm interchangeable. For this ‘Naut, I chose to magnetize just the KMK / Deffstorm mega-shoota front end using a tutorial I recently saw. Worked like a champ! As for the head, I went with the Gorkanaut head (as my other has the Morkanaut one) and magnetized the KFF accordingly. Now that all the prep work is done, it’s time to get painting this beasty. Looking at my schedule, I’m estimating 1-2 weeks a best.

Here are a few pics of the magnetized prepped ‘Naut:

IMG_1681.JPG IMG_1684.JPG IMG_1683.JPG IMG_1682.JPG IMG_1686.JPG IMG_1685.JPG

New Life for AoBR Nobz

Like any Ork player, I bulk up the meat-n-potato units of the troops slot by buying the Ork half of box-sets. The used market is flooded with “Assault on Black Reach” minis at the moment, letting me pick up full 20 count Boyz units and 5 count Nob units for the price of a cup of coffee. The only down side is that they are often packaged together. I have a ton of Nobz. Like 35. Way too many to ever field or use but as I need to bulk up the Green Tide, the Nobz of these box sets come included. At last count I had 16 Slugga/Choppa Nobz which I seriously never run. Fine fodder for experimenting.

While digging through my bitz box for an unrelated project, I came across a bunch of Big Choppa sets left over from when I made my Powerklaw/Bosspole Nobz. I recently read a few articles about how well the Big Choppa Nobz were performing in close combat with Trukk Boyz and noticed that I only had equipped 2 of my 40 Nobz with Big Choppas… so, why the hell not.

I pulled out my razor saw, brushed up on my Painboy manual and started cutting. The one arm was easy enough as it was the quick-snap-on arm. The other was a pain as it was molded into the model itself. Careful cutting and creative gluing resulted in a new role for my once-forgotten AoBR Nobz. These guys turned out great! I plan to mix them into my Green Tide units along with the Powerklaw Nobz to deal the pain.

In total I converted 7 giving me a total of 9 Big Choppa Nobz in my inventory, leaving about 9 regular AoBR Slugga/Choppa Nobz to be used where cheap Nobz are needed or to be future conversion fodder. Here’s the first batch of converted Nobz, pile of amputated arms and all, click for a bigger view.

Converted AoBR Nobz and their pile of lopped off arms!