Bommers Done!

I’m happy to report that all the Ork Bommers comprising Skyboss Wingnutz Air Armada are officially finished being painted. Felt like a marathon but I honestly did have a blast painting these models. Ork flyers are by far one of my favorite models to build/paint and I’m a little sad that this project has come to an end. The good news is that I get to start another painting project, which is a positive and if the trend of the Dread Mob and Air Armada continues, I will have just as much fun and enjoyment out of the next project.

Speaking of the next project, I’m thinking either Flash Gitz or Meganobz, not 100% sure yet. I’ve spent alot of time painting vehicles lately, would be nice to get back to finishing up some infantry. I still have 200+ Boyz to paint but I find them very lack-luster to paint. I’m also thinking of a painting reward system in order to get the Boyz painted… finish a squad of 10 Boyz and 1 Nob in order to be allowed to paint a unit of my choosing. Sounds interesting, right?

Here are some final photos of the completed under wing ordinance as well as the entire formation’s family photo.

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