New Life for AoBR Nobz

Like any Ork player, I bulk up the meat-n-potato units of the troops slot by buying the Ork half of box-sets. The used market is flooded with “Assault on Black Reach” minis at the moment, letting me pick up full 20 count Boyz units and 5 count Nob units for the price of a cup of coffee. The only down side is that they are often packaged together. I have a ton of Nobz. Like 35. Way too many to ever field or use but as I need to bulk up the Green Tide, the Nobz of these box sets come included. At last count I had 16 Slugga/Choppa Nobz which I seriously never run. Fine fodder for experimenting.

While digging through my bitz box for an unrelated project, I came across a bunch of Big Choppa sets left over from when I made my Powerklaw/Bosspole Nobz. I recently read a few articles about how well the Big Choppa Nobz were performing in close combat with Trukk Boyz and noticed that I only had equipped 2 of my 40 Nobz with Big Choppas… so, why the hell not.

I pulled out my razor saw, brushed up on my Painboy manual and started cutting. The one arm was easy enough as it was the quick-snap-on arm. The other was a pain as it was molded into the model itself. Careful cutting and creative gluing resulted in a new role for my once-forgotten AoBR Nobz. These guys turned out great! I plan to mix them into my Green Tide units along with the Powerklaw Nobz to deal the pain.

In total I converted 7 giving me a total of 9 Big Choppa Nobz in my inventory, leaving about 9 regular AoBR Slugga/Choppa Nobz to be used where cheap Nobz are needed or to be future conversion fodder. Here’s the first batch of converted Nobz, pile of amputated arms and all, click for a bigger view.

Converted AoBR Nobz and their pile of lopped off arms!


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