The Basics
This is a personal blog about the 40K hobby, most notably the Ork faction. I’m based out of the greater Seattle area, have a wife, a kid, a pug and a mighty red beard. I created this blog to document my adventure in 40K. I don’t know how deep it’ll go or for how long, but so far I’m really enjoying 40K and look forward to posting more.

A Little More
I first started in 40K in July of 2013. Technically, I started back in 2003, but never got passed buying the first box of IG Cadian Shock Troops, but that’s irrelevant now. A few friends and I put together a gaming group called Queen City 40K when I lived in Buffalo NY and were mildly active until I moved to the west coast in summer 2016. I’ve started a Space Wolves army for my wife (let’s be honest, their really for me!) that I will begin painting eventually, maybe even play against on our home table.

I have no affiliation with any retail or online outfit and all content is my own unless otherwise specified. If you wish to share my content, all I ask is that you link back to this blog. No more, no less.

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